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Grain cleaner
author:Baihao Machinery     time:2020-02-17
Grain cleaner
Grain cleaning machine is also called grain cleaning machine. It is a kind of grain screening machine. It is a kind of equipment that relies on the equipment fan and built-in vibration screening to classify and screen grain and other economic crops. It is suitable for cleaning and screening economic crops such as corn, wheat, peanut, soybean, rice, millet, cotton seed, camellia seed, etc. It can beat wheat, sift dust, remove impurities, exhaust dust, clean the side stones in grains (similar to grain size sand) and wet them with water, (simple wheat washing) six functions are complete and ideal cleaning equipment in the previous process of grain processing, which are suitable for small flour processing plants, miscellaneous grain processing, family workshops and other production.
Classification of grain cleaning machines:
According to different structure composition and production capacity, the grain cleaning machine can be divided into small grain cleaning machine and large grain cleaning machine
The small grain cleaning machine is composed of a frame, a driving motor, a fan, a grain throwing machine and a vibrating screen body. The production capacity is 8 tons per hour. Compared with other grain machines, it has the characteristics of small size, simple operation, convenient movement, long service life and so on. It is deeply loved by small processing enterprises and small and medium-sized farmers.
The large-scale grain cleaning machine is composed of fuselage, transport wheel, transmission part, main fan, suction duct, dust removal device, specific gravity screen, screen body and special import and export. Its production capacity can reach 25 tons per hour. Compared with other grain machines, it has the characteristics of high output, high impurity removal rate and no pollution. It is suitable for large and medium-sized flour mills and large-scale feed factories.
Grain cleaner
Working principle of grain cleaning machine:
When the material is lifted by the wind through the wheat bin (self-contained) and enters the hopper, the pin plate fixed on the spindle is driven by the high-speed operation of the spindle, and the material is moved to rotate in the working bin, which is a corrugated iron casting. This produces a kind of kneading force, so as to crush the light impurities such as the floating soil and the wheat residual soil, which are eliminated by the fan. After the materials are vacuumed by the fan, they shake off on the vibrating screen surface. Some of the hard impurities shake along with the materials on the screen body, and the screen body is divided into two layers, so as to separate the hard impurities larger than the materials and smaller than the materials, such as gravel, bricks, grass seeds, etc., and row them outside the machine, but few of them Some stones (such as sand and stones) with the same size as the materials are discharged from the machine, so as to achieve the purpose of grain cleaning and separation. After the materials are removed from the stone, they enter the mixer. At this time, the (self-contained) switch on the water container can be opened, so that the water can enter the mixer to wet and moisten the wheat.
Scope of application of grain cleaning machine:
The grain cleaning machine is used for grain cleaning, seed selection and grading of wheat, corn, cotton, rice, sunflower seed, peanut, soybean and other crops. The screening effect can reach 98%. It is suitable for small and medium-sized grain collectors to screen grain. It is a multi-purpose economic grain cleaning machine.
Features of automatic grain cleaner:
The grain cleaning machine has the advantages of small size, light weight, small power consumption, multi kinetic energy integration, etc. the output per hour is 400-600kg, 800-1200kg, etc. only one cleaning is needed to reach the finished product, which is suitable for the cleaning and screening of wheat, corn, peanut, millet, rice, soybean and other crops. It can be used together with the wheat moistening machine or the wheat washing machine to meet the requirements of the complete equipment for flour processing.

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