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Bean polisher
author:Baihao Machinery     time:2020-02-17
Bean polisher
Bean polisher is a kind of polishing equipment developed and produced by our factory for grain industry. It is mainly used to remove awn, polish and mildew. It is designed for grain loaded with beans, rice, corn and millet particles. The equipment has low power, large production, simple operation, no dust at the work site, convenient movement, and good polishing effect, which is highly praised by customers.
Model and function of bean polisher:
Models: large, medium and small. Its function is to float dust, burr, floating hair, moldy hair and mud spots on the surface of grain. Black spots and other dirty things that can be wiped down with cotton cloth. The corn that can make mildewed and mildewed look clean can also be used as the previous process of removing awn.
Working principle of bean polisher:
According to the rotation of the screw shaft, the bean polisher makes the materials displace each other and rub with the cotton cloth fixed on the screw shaft in the process of fluidization, so as to achieve good polishing effect. It is mainly used in grain processing industry to polish beans. Under the condition of no damage to the skin, the machine uses polishing cotton to wipe off the floating ash on the surface of materials. The products processed by the equipment are bright and clear, with good finish, and the quality of materials is further improved.
Bean polisher
Features of bean polisher:
1. Reasonable design, convenient movement, reliable operation, good universality, stable operation, high efficiency, low crushing, easy to operate, beautiful appearance and strong protection of internal equipment.
2. High density mesh front and back doors, while solving equipment protection.
3. Stable structure, precise size, combined design, easy installation, the internal tray can be adjusted up and down freely according to the user's requirements, and the upper and lower wiring channels can be closed.
4. Four fan design provides support for cabinet equipment heat dissipation: the left and right side doors can be removed quickly; casters and supporting feet can be installed at the same time; complete optional accessories.
5. With frequency conversion and wind circulation system, the rotating frequency of the machine can be adjusted, so that the material can be polished at a proper frequency in the equipment to achieve a maximum polishing, and the dust, impurities and moldy substances on the surface can be removed to make the material have a good glossiness.
6. This equipment can polish all kinds of materials. It has the function of one machine and multi-purpose. It is easy to operate and environmental friendly.
Scope of application of bean polisher:
Grain polishing machine is widely used in seed processing and agricultural and sideline products processing industries, which has good polishing effect on beans, wheat, corn, rice and grains, especially on beans and corn grains that have been basically cleaned. The products processed by the machine are bright and clear, with good finish, and the quality of materials is further improved.

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