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Scraper conveyor
author:Baihao Machinery     time:2020-02-17
Scraper conveyor
Scraper conveyor is a conveyor that uses scraper chain to pull and transport bulk materials in the trough. In the current coal face, scraper conveyor is not only used to transport coal and materials, but also the running track of the shearer, so it has become an indispensable main equipment in modern coal mining technology. Scraper conveyor can keep continuous operation, and the production can be carried out normally. Otherwise, the whole coal face will be in a state of shutdown, which will interrupt the whole production.
Components of scraper conveyor:
The main structure and components of scraper conveyor are basically the same. It consists of three parts: head, middle part and tail part. In addition, there are hydraulic jack device for conveyor and chain tensioner and other auxiliary parts for chain tightening. The head part is composed of head frame, motor, hydraulic coupling, reducer and sprocket. The middle part is composed of transition groove, middle groove, chain and scraper. The tail part is a device for the return of scraper chain. The tail of heavy-duty scraper conveyor is also equipped with power transmission device, which can distinguish the upper head and the lower head from the installed position.
Working principle of scraper conveyor:
The open chute is used as the bearing part of coal, gangue or materials, and the scraper is fixed on the chain (forming the scraper chain) as the traction component. When the head drive part is started, the sprocket on the head shaft of the belt motor rotates to make the scraper chain circulate and move the animal material along the chute until it is unloaded at the head of the machine. The scraper chain runs around the chain wheel in stepless closed cycle to complete the transportation of materials.
Scraper conveyor
Product classification of scraper conveyor:
According to the layout and structure of scraper conveyor chute, it can be divided into two types: parallel type and overlapping type. According to the number and layout of chains, it can be divided into four types: single chain, double side chain, double center chain and three chain.
Advantages of scraper conveyor:
1. Solid structure. It can withstand the impact, collision, smashing, pressure and other external forces of coal, gangue or other materials.
2. It can meet the needs of uneven floor and bending displacement, and can bear the bending in vertical or horizontal direction.
3. The body is short and easy to install, use and maintain.
4. It can also be used as the running track of the shearer.
5. It has simple structure, light weight and small volume, and can be fed or unloaded at any point in the conveying length.
6. The slot is a closed box with small cross-sectional area, large rigidity, no flying materials, good working environment and no pollution to the environment.
7. When the tail part of the scraper is not provided with a casing and the scraper is inserted into the material pile, the scraper can be taken out and transported by itself.
8. It is commonly used for horizontal conveying of granular and powdery materials, and can also be used for inclined conveying within an angle of 150 °.
9. The utility model has the advantages of high service life, stable operation, small structure size, large conveying capacity, low energy consumption and low material damage rate.
10. The whole machine is equipped with multi-point feeding, the moving speed of scraper is under the transmission of reducer, the operation is stable and the noise is low. On the basis of single point feeding, multi-point feeding and multi-point discharging are also available, which has outstanding characteristics in conveying toxic, explosive, high temperature and flying materials, improving the operation conditions of workers and reducing environmental pollution.

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