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DNM-3B corn peeling grits pulverizing unit
author:Baihao Machinery     time:2020-02-17
DNM-3B corn peeling grits pulverizing unit
DNM-3B multi-functional corn processing machinery is a corn peeling and grits making unit. This equipment integrates peeling, feed grinding and corn residue making, corn flour into one, which is convenient for users. It is really a multi-purpose, energy-saving and power-saving machine with only one motor. Generally, corn dehulling is suitable for wet dehulling. The water content should be within 15%. 6-8 Jin of water should be mixed for each 100 Jin of corn. The water should be evenly stirred and the surplus water should be discharged. It should be moistened for 5-6 minutes in spring and autumn, and 10-12 minutes in winter. It is better to take off the knife and roll by 3-5mm. Add 2-3 Jin of water per 100 Jin of wheat peeling, and start processing after 2-3 minutes. It can also be dried and removed once. The grinding core, roller, knife and screen will be worn after use for a period of time, which should be checked regularly.
DNM-3B corn peeling grits pulverizing unit purpose:
1. Corn peeled for grits, wheat peeled for flour, rice milling, sorghum peeled for flour.
2. It is suitable for small grain processing factories (mills) to desquamate, make grits (ballast) and make flour from corn, wheat, sorghum and other raw grains.
3. DNM-3B corn peeler and grits pulverizer is also called (original multi-functional rice noodle machine). It has two functions of corn peeler and corn grits (ballast). It has a 7.5kW 380V motor built in, and can handle 300kg of grain (corn, wheat, sorghum, rice, etc.) per hour.
DNM-3B corn peeling grits pulverizing unit
DNM-3B corn peeling and grits pulverizing unit process:
DNM-3B corn peeling and gritting pulverizing unit is a small-scale corn processing combined equipment integrating corn peeling and polishing, gritting, pulverizing, finished product grading and air separation. Clean raw grain is input into the feed port for peeling, embryo removal and black star removal. Corn kernel made of corn peeled at one time is divided into three kinds of finished products: medium grits, small grits (corn residue) and corn flour after being crushed and graded. The machine is equipped with an efficient suction chamber to remove the impurities in the peeling process.
1. Corn peeling
① Close the feed pulling plug plate at the feed inlet, then start the motor, and the machine operates normally, and then slowly open the feed plug plate
② Generally, corn dehulling is beneficial for corn dehulling. The moisture content of corn shall be within 15%, and 6-8 Jin of corn water shall be mixed for each 100 Jin of corn. The surplus water shall be discharged into the container, and the pressure plug plate shall have multiple functions such as drying, dehumidification and adjusting the output. When the sieve piece does not peel, the dehiscing chamber and the dehiscing hole shall be cleaned.
2. Grits machine
Grits making machine and peeling machine can work at the same time. During grits making, corn can be divided into big grits, medium grits and surface products through the following three separation. Grits are naturally polished. Feed the stripped corn kernels into the hopper, turn the adjusting hand wheel inward, and slowly open the lower hopper when the grinding head and grinding center slightly run in. At this time, do not stay away from the adjusting hand wheel for the time being. Adjust the tightness according to the size of the sieve particles. When satisfied, tighten the locking handle on the left upward plate once. When the processing is about to be completed, the handle shall be tightened to rotate the adjusting handle outward rapidly. At this time, the grinding head and grinding center have been separated. It is normal that the grinding head collides accidentally at the moment of no load before and after the machine stops. When it is in working state, idling is prohibited.
Technical parameters of DNM-3B corn peeling grits pulverizing unit:
Model Yield
Rated Voltage
Speed(r/min) Weight
DNM-3B Corn peeling Corn making Corn flour milling Wheat peeling 7.5 380 860 300 2200x500x1200

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