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NF-2240 double coarse grain pulverizer
author:Baihao Machinery     time:2020-02-17
NF-2240 double coarse grain pulverizer
NF-2240 double pulverizing unit product purpose:
The double coarse grain pulverizer is mainly used in small coarse grain pulverizing plant, which has the advantages of full function, low noise, no dust, high automation, convenient installation and low production cost.
The machine is used to grind wheat into flour by the grinding roller of the mill. After the screening and air separation of the round roller, the machine can also be used for grinding corn, beans and other grains.
Working principle and characteristics of NF-2240 double pulverizer:
For NF-2240 double pulverizer, the moisture content of raw grain is controlled between 13.5% and 14.5%. During the operation, turn on the fan first and then the mill. Until the mill and fan are all started, the material box shall be unloaded, and then the grinding head bin shall be operated according to the sequence of closing the grinding gate when there is material. When shutting down, the mill shall be shut down first, and then the fan. In the process of pulverizing, the rolling distance shall be adjusted for three to four times in succession to reach the powder yield. Flow control of raw grain should be small, wheat bran should be large. Adjust the gap between the flow plate and the feeding roller to adjust the flow. Rotate the handwheel screw to adjust the flow.
Technical parameters of NF-2240 double pulverizer:
Model Yield
Roll Specification(mm) Speed(r/min) Power
NF-2235 300-350  Ф222×350 650 7.5+3 300 2200x800x4000
NF-2240 400-500 Ф222×400 650 11+3 700 2200x900x4000
NF-2250 500-550 Ф222×500 650 15+3 800 2200x1000x4000

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