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Cooking oil refiner
author:Baihao Machinery     time:2020-02-17
Cooking oil refiner
The cooking oil refiner is composed of refining tank, vacuum dehydration tank, decolorizing tank, vacuum pump, oil delivery pump, alkali distribution tank, metering tank and electrical control cabinet. It is equipped with automatic temperature control device, vacuum dehydration, heat insulation device and feeding buffer device, which can realize the functions of degumming, deacidification, drying and decolorization of crude oil.
Relevant technical parameters of cooking oil refiner:
The processing capacity of refining equipment is related to oil refining process and finished oil grade. The processing cycle of refining tank is related to the quality of raw oil and finished oil grade requirements. For example, the refining tank capacity of gly500 edible oil refiner is 200-250l / tank, the dehydration drying tank is matched with the refining tank, and the filtering capacity of the bleaching tank is 300L / tank, and the time is about 4-5 hours.
(1) The quality of raw oil is good. After heating, hydration, sedimentation, dehydration and other processes, about 4 hours to treat a tank.
(2) When the crude oil quality is poor and the product oil grade requirements are high, it takes 12-24 hours to process a tank of oil through heating, hydration, sedimentation, alkali refining, water washing, dehydration and other processes.
Cooking oil refiner
Features of cooking oil refiner:
1. Refining vegetable oil is a gradual process. The refining of oil can remove phospholipid, pigment, deodorization, free fatty acid and other impurities. The whole process of petroleum refinery includes degumming, neutralization and bleaching.
2. The system is a batch refining, its concentration of large-scale refining line, capacity can be 1-10 tons per day. It can extract more than one kind of crude oil, such as salad oil, high cooking oil, primary oil and secondary oil, as well as animal oil, such as lard and fish oil. It is a good choice for medium and small oil mills.
order number Name Model Number Power (kW) Equipment volume (L)/ Operating volume
1 Refine tank DN700*1300 2 12/0.55 330/250
2 Vacuum dehydration tank DN650*1290 1 12 390/250
3 Vacuum buffer tank DN300*500 1 / 35
4 Decolorizing pot DN650*1100 1 / 360/300
5 Water ring vacuum pump 2BV2061 1 1.5 /
6 Oil pump / 2 0.18-0.37 /

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