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sheet filter
author:Baihao Machinery     time:2020-02-19
sheet filter
Plate filter is plate frame filter, plate frame filter. Plate filter has a large filtering area, large flow and wide application range, so it has a wide range of applications in pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries. It is especially satisfactory in the filtration of pharmaceutical injection liquid. The plate filter is suitable for the liquid with lower viscosity and less slag content under 50% concentration, which is used for closed filtration to achieve the requirements of purification, sterilization, clarification and other fine filtration and semi fine filtration; the purpose of sterile filtration can be achieved by directly selecting microporous membrane without microporous membrane filter.
Plate filter features:
1. In addition to the motor, other parts of the plate filter are made of high-quality corrosion-resistant stainless steel, which is suitable for filtering various pH value acid-base solutions.
2. The machine should be pressurized and sealed for filtration, with less filtration loss, good filtration quality and high efficiency.
3. The filtering part is composed of nine filter plates, with large filtering area and large circulation;
4. According to the requirements of different production processes (primary filtration, semi fine filtration and fine filtration) of the filtered solution, different filter membranes can be replaced, and the number of filter plates can be appropriately reduced or enhanced according to the size of the production flow of the user, so that it is suitable for the production needs. Therefore, the machine has a wide range of applications;
5、 The filter plate is of plane thread network shape, with advanced structure, no deformation and easy cleaning. It can effectively increase the service life of various filter membranes, thus reducing and saving production costs.
6. This machine is equipped with stainless steel infusion pump, which has small motor and low power consumption.
7. The rubber wheel is installed under the frame, which is easy to operate and flexible to move.
sheet filter
Basic structure of plate filter:
(1) Frame (2) pressing mechanism (3) filtering mechanism
Working principle of plate filter
1. Before operation of the filter, check the whole machine: check whether the filter cloth is folded or overlapped, and whether the power supply is connected normally. After the inspection, the pressing operation can be carried out. First, press the "start" button, the oil pump starts to work, then press the "press" button, the piston pushes the pressing plate to press. When the pressing force reaches the set high point pressure, the hydraulic system will automatically trip and stop.
2. When the filter is compressed, the feeding operation can be carried out: start the feeding pump, slowly open the feeding valve, and the feeding pressure gradually rises to the normal pressure. At this time, observe the outlet of the filter and the leakage between the filter plates. After filtration for a period of time, the outlet of the filter gradually reduces. This indicates that the filter residue in the filter chamber is gradually filling. When there is no liquid or only a small amount of liquid at the outlet, it indicates that the filter residue in the filter chamber has been completely filled to form a filter cake. If it is necessary to wash or air dry the filter cake, it can be carried out later. If it is not necessary to wash or air dry the filter cake, it can be unloaded.
3. When the filter cake of the filter is full, stop the feed pump and the feed valve. Start the washing pump or air compressor, slowly open the inlet valve of washing liquid or air, and feed the filter cake
Wash or air dry. After the operation is completed, close the washer pump or air compressor and its valve, and then discharge the cake.
4. Cake unloading: first, close the feed pump and feed valve, the washing liquid or air inlet device and valve, then press and hold the "release" button on the operation panel, the piston rod drives the compression plate back, and then release the "release" button, manually pull the filter plate one by one to remove the cake, and at the same time, clean the filter slag stuck on the sealing surface to prevent the filter slag from affecting the sealing surface Sealing performance, resulting in leakage, so far an operation cycle is completed.
Purpose of plate filter:
It is widely used in the oil industry (such as machine press crude oil filtration, gum oil filtration, hydrogenated oil filtration, winterization oil filtration, etc.), food industry (such as activated carbon decolorization filtration of sugar, glucose, etc.), chemical industry (such as petrochemical industry, inorganic chemical industry, organic chemical industry, crystallization separation in various processes, various catalysts Filtration and separation, decolorization and filtration of chemical products, etc.), environmental protection industry (such as river, river and lake water intake, supernatant insurance purification and filtration of sewage treatment station, swimming pool reuse water purification and filtration, etc.).

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