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Rice polisher
author:Baihao Machinery     time:2020-02-17
Rice polisher
The rice polished by the rice polisher has high precision and few broken rice. All the indexes have reached the international advanced level. It is a modern rice processing and upgrading product. This rice polisher can be used by process matching and rice deep processing alone. The machine adopts automatic spray system, strong pull wind structure, and specially made polishing roller and stainless steel sieve plate. The crushing rate of processed products is low, which can effectively remove rice bran powder, make the crystal surface transparent and transparent layer, improve the antioxidant capacity of rice, prolong the fresh keeping period, and truly serve as a free rice.
Working principle of rice polisher:
First, after brown rice is milled and whiten, the rice and chaff chips are removed. After spraying water and moistening rice, the binding force between endosperm and rice bran decreases. Due to the small amount of water added, only a thin layer of film is formed on the surface of the rice grain, and the polishing time is not long, which has no effect on the moisture content of the rice, and then enters the polishing chamber of the polishing machine, passing through the polishing chamber at a certain pressure and temperature. The friction polished the surface of the rice grains. By polishing, not only the floating bran on the surface of rice grain can be removed, but also the starch on the surface of rice grain can be pre gelatinized and gelatinized, and starch gelatinization can make up for cracks, so as to obtain the appearance quality of crystal clear color, improve the storage performance and practical quality of rice, so it is necessary to polish rice.
Function of rice polisher:
The main function of rice polisher is to remove the bran powder adhering to the surface of white rice. There is a wax protective layer on the surface of rice, which can not only prevent rice bran from adhering or rice flour from falling off during production, storage, transportation and sales, but also improve the quality and commercial value of finished rice, facilitate rice storage, maintain the freshness of rice and improve the eating quality of rice.
Rice polisher
The main structural features, functions and design requirements of rice polisher:
The main structure of all kinds of polished rice machines is basically the same, mainly consists of spray water part, polishing part, water supply system and air spraying mechanism. The feeding device and discharging device are also important devices for various types of polished rice machines.
1, spray the water part. The spray water part is composed of a nozzle, a nozzle cleaner, a water mixer, a feeding screw and a stirring roller. When the material passes through the flow meter, the flow is measured, thus controlling the amount of water added.
2. Polished part. The polishing part is the core part of the rice polisher, which is composed of feeding screw, polishing roller, octagonal screen cylinder composed of eight rice screens, discharge pressure valve, etc. The polishing roller is divided into iron roller and sand roller according to the material properties. When designing, it should be clear that the linear speed of the sand roller is higher than that of the iron roller (the linear speed of the iron roller is about 5m / s, and the polishing pressure is higher, with an average value of 0.1MPa). The linear speed of the sand roller is about 15m / s, and the polishing pressure is relatively low, with an average value of 0.02MPa).
Advantages of rice polisher:
1. High commercial value. The polishing machine can fully remove the bran powder adhering to the surface of white rice, so it can process the white rice with smooth and clean surface which can not be processed by ordinary polishing machine.
2. Easy to store. The polished rice surface is smooth, with few grooves or dents, so it is difficult to make rice bran, dust, fungi and other deposits and reproduce, so white rice can be stored for a long time.
3. Reduce the downtime of subsequent equipment. By using this polishing machine, the adhered rice bran and bran powder can be removed and the very clean white rice can be processed. Therefore, when passing through the white rice classifier, color sorter and rotary flat screen, the use efficiency of the machine can be improved and the cleaning times can be greatly reduced.
4. Effectively improve the quality of old white rice. The polishing machine can fully remove the lake powder layer of the old white rice, so as to remove the peculiar smell of the old white rice and greatly improve the taste and appearance of the old white rice.

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