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Husker husker
author:Baihao Machinery     time:2020-02-17
Husker husker
Hulling hulling brown rice machine is a kind of grain processing machine which can remove rice chaff and make brown rice. It can remove the husk of the rice, reduce the damage of the popcorn waist and the epidermis, and try to keep the brown rice intact. It is mainly composed of hopper feeding device, head device, husk separating chamber, gear box, frame, etc.
Working principle of husker husker and husker
After hulling, it is very important to separate the husk (commonly known as big bran) from the mixture under hulling. Because of its large volume, small proportion and poor scattering, if it is not separated, it will affect the process effect of the later production process. If there are a large number of husks in the process of husks separation, it will inevitably hinder the fluidity of the mixture and reduce the separation effect; if there are more husks in the hulls, it will also reduce the production of the huller and increase the power and rubber consumption. Therefore, it is very important to set up the husk separation process after hulling to improve the efficiency of each process, and it is also of great significance to the comprehensive utilization of husks. Because husks are lighter than rice and brown rice, their bulk density and specific gravity are very different. For example, the bulk density of rice is generally about 560kg / m3, the bulk density of brown rice is about 760kg / m3, while the bulk density of husks is only about 110kg / m3, which is 1 / 5 of rice weight and 1 / 7 of brown rice, so their suspension speed is also very different. The suspension velocity of husk is 1.5-2.0m/s, while that of rice is about 8m / s, and that of brown rice is larger. Therefore, the principle of husk separation is to use the effect of wind force to achieve the purpose of separation according to the significant difference of the above physical characteristics.
Husker husker
5 unique technical advantages of hulling and husking brown rice machine:
1. Three rubber rollers are installed in the head of brown rice machine, and the grains are fed once and shelled twice. That is to say, the brown rice machine with two cots peels twice.
2. Both sides of the cot have excellent leakproofness: one side is equipped with special glass, the other side is equipped with hardened manganese steel plate, both of which are super hard and wear-resistant. That is, to prevent the grain from directly leaking without peeling through the cot. Even if the material is worn, it can still be prevented from leakage by flanging, turning around, etc. As a result, the rate of shelling at one time can reach 99%!
3. There is glass on the head door of brown rice machine, and the head door can be opened, and the inner rubber roller can be seen, so it is very convenient to adjust and use. It can also be easily operated and used by less professional people.
4. The rubber layer of the rubber roller is very thick and the relative life is long.
5. 220v-380v motor, no dust when using, husk separated clean, is a good choice to open a fresh rice store!
6. The machine has a novel design concept, convenient operation and operation, with a shelling rate of more than 99%.
7. Small power and large output: the motor power is 2.2kW, and the output per hour is more than 400kg.
8. Wide range of application: can remove japonica rice, long grain rice, glutinous rice, black rice, sorghum, millet and other grains.
9. High transmission efficiency, high-tech double tooth synchronous drive belt, low noise, strong reliability.

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