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15t rice complete equipment
author:Baihao Machinery     time:2020-02-17
15t rice complete equipment
15t rice complete equipment introduction:
15 tons of rice processing equipment developed by our company's scientific and technological personnel. The brown rice can be milled into fine white rice through raw grain cleaning, stone removal, hulling, separation of grain and rough rice, multi machine milling, grading of broken rice, etc. The rice can also be milled into polished rice at one time, with good quality and less broken rice; low temperature, low noise, low dust and clean working environment. The unit is composed of the cleaning and stone removing machine, the impurity removing machine, the hulling and hulling machine, the grain rough separator, the double pass rice mill, the polishing machine, the rice crusher and grader, the automatic elevator, the full-automatic control and other programs. It is a kind of high-efficiency and multi-functional rice and millet special processing equipment.
15t rice complete equipment
15t rice complete equipment consists of:
rough rice elevator, suction cleaning stone remover, rubber roll huller, gravity grain coarse screen, sand roll blast rice machine, white rice grading screen, water jet polishing machine.
Features of 15t rice complete equipment:
The machine has beautiful shape, advanced structure, convenient operation, high production efficiency, bright and crystal rice quality, and automatic feeding is convenient and fast. The equipment is of high quality and low price, with less investment, convenient maintenance and large return. The "Three Guarantees" after-sales service is carried out. The quality of the finished rice is glossy and meets the relevant national standards. It can be directly sold to supermarkets. There are no special requirements for the production site, which is the ideal equipment for the majority of urban and rural professional grain processing households. Welcome to contact us.

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