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Small combined rice huller
author:Baihao Machinery     time:2020-02-17
Small combined rice huller
Small combined rice husker is a new generation of vertical combined rice husker, which is improved to meet the requirements of users in some areas. It is not equipped with high-efficiency big bran crusher, and adopts the combined process of strong draught fan and high-pressure fan to further improve the precision and yield of white rice. After equipped with suction specific gravity stone remover, the performance will be more perfect.
Small combined rice huller
Technological process of small combined rice huller:
The machine is composed of a stone removing machine, a rice huller, a big bran separator, a plane rotary grain rough separating screen, a sand roll blast rice mill, a big bran fan, a high-pressure fan, a double elevator and a base, which can continuously complete various processing operations from self feeding, grain husking, grain rough separation to milling into white rice. The husk is directly discharged by the big bran fan, and the fine bran is collected by shakron.
Small combined rice mill integrates the advantages of rice huller, separation screen and rice mill, integrating the crushing process of rice hulling, rice milling, separation screen, fine processing and bran. It has compact structure, convenient operation, small floor area, low power consumption, short processing flow, high working efficiency and low cost of grain processing. It is a comprehensive combined rice mill for rice processing. The rice is fed into the machine through the vibrating screen and magnetic separation device, and then it is hulled, air selected and air sprayed by the rubber roller to grind the rice. The processing operation from husking to milling is completed continuously. The husk, fine bran, chaff and white rice are discharged out of the machine respectively. The output white rice has less bran, light crushing, complete grain brightness, and the precision can reach more than one standard. The machine can also be used for shelling oats and rice.
Advantages of small combined rice huller:
1. Each single machine is combined to connect and drive, with less lifting equipment, low power, less broken rice, small floor area, and low price compared with similar models.
2. No matter how much rice can be processed (more than 10kg of rice can also be processed, and 0.5kg of rice can be stored in the machine); the working process is short, the rice can be turned on and closed quickly (saving time and electricity).
3. It also has a 40 type white rice screen, which can remove a small amount of fine rice and half head rice that may appear in rice;
4. The layout is reasonable and the operation is simple. During the processing, there is no need to move around.
5. Due to its complete functions, the combined rice machine has been the mechanical product of some small rice processors.
6. The whole machine has the advantages of beautiful shape, compact structure, small floor area, no place to store rice, high rice output rate, less broken rice and low power consumption.
Power(kw) Production Efficiency(kg/h)  Size(mm) Rice Yield(%) Weight (kg)
 4.-5.5  300-400  860*692*1290  72  130

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