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Which NF-280 multi-purpose corn peeling and polishing machine manufacturer is good?
author:Baihao Machinery     time:2020-02-17
Baihao NF-280 multi-functional corn peeling and polishing machine mainly has the functions of corn peeling, wheat peeling and rice milling. It has a built-in 7.5KW 380V motor and can process 500 kg of grain per hour (corn, wheat, sorghum, rice, etc.)
The working principle is that the cleaned hairy corn is fed into the peeling chamber of the NF-280 multi-purpose corn peeling and polishing machine through the feeding port. By controlling the feeding speed of the feeding port and the pressure of the pressure valve, a certain pressure is generated in the peeling chamber.
The material is squeezed and crushed between the rotating drum and the sieve, peeled, degermed, black umbilical, polished, and the kernel bran is separated under the action of wind to produce corn kernels (maize big rice dumplings).
The bran is automatically separated during processing to obtain a finished product that meets the requirements. The machine's built-in high-efficiency suction chamber removes skin impurities during the peeling process of the mobile phone.
NF-280 corn peeling polishing machine uses:
1. Corn peeling / wheat peeling / rice / sorghum peeling
2. It is suitable for the peeling of corn, wheat, sorghum and other raw grains in small grain processing plants (mills).

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