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Which DNM-3B multi-energy corn peeling pudding unit manufacturer is good?
author:Baihao Machinery     time:2020-02-17
DNM-3B corn peeling and making rice flour milling machine is also called (formerly multi-energy rice noodle making machine). It has two functions: corn peeling and corn making rice dumpling. It has a built-in 7.5KW 380V motor and can process 300 kg of grain per hour Corn, wheat, sorghum, rice, etc.).
DNM-3B Multi-functional High-efficiency Rice Noodle Machine This model is a small corn processing equipment combined with corn peeling, polishing, flour milling, finished product classification, and wind selection. The clean raw grain is input to the feed inlet, and is processed for peeling, degerming, and black star treatment. The corn kernels are made by peeling the corn at one time, and then pulverized, and the pulverized mixed material is classified into three finished products. , Barberry (tamales) and corn flour. The machine's built-in high-efficiency suction chamber removes skin impurities during peeling.
A basic structure
DNM-3B type: It mainly consists of the peeling machine total process, the machine total process, the three separation total process, the clutch, the fan and the frame.
Two corn peeling operations
① Close the feeding slot and pull the plug-in board, and then start the motor. The standby device runs normally, and then slowly open the feeding slot.
② Wet desquamation is generally suitable for corn peeling. The moisture of corn should be within 15%. Mix water with 6-8 kg per 100 kg of corn and stir well. Excess water should be drained out of the container. Minutes, 10-12 minutes in winter. Visually, after the surface of the grain has no water, it will start processing. If the time is too long, there will be more "faces" and less "benefits". Adjust the distance between the knife and the roller, preferably 3-5 mm. Then pour it into the hopper to start production. During production, the outlet pressure plug can be adjusted according to user requirements. The pressure of the pressure plate should be reduced during the first pass, and the pressure plug should be increased during the second pass, and finally achieve the required purpose. The horny corn is cleaned once, and the hybrid corn needs two times.
③ The pressure plug-in board has multiple functions such as drying, cleaning and adjusting the output. When the sieve sheet does not peel, the de-chamber and de-screening holes should be cleaned.

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