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Grits (ballast) making operation of DNM-3B multi energy corn peeling grits making unit
author:Baihao Machinery     time:2020-02-17
1. The grits making machine and the peeling machine can work at the same time. During grits making, the corn can be divided into three kinds of products: big grits, medium grits and flour through the following three separation. Grits are naturally polished. Feed the stripped corn kernels into the hopper, turn the adjusting hand wheel inward, and slowly open the hopper when the grinding head and grinding core slightly run in. At this time, do not stay away from the adjusting hand wheel for the time being. Adjust the tightness according to the size of grits. When you are satisfied, pull the locking handle upward on the left side, and it will be completed once. When the processing is to be completed, loosen the locking handle to rotate the adjusting hand wheel outward rapidly. At this time, the grinding head and the grinding core have been separated. It is normal that the grinding head collides with each other at the moment of no load before and after the machine stops. When it is in working state, idling is strictly prohibited.
2. Mix the corn grits, remove the separator clutch, stop the separator operation, open the lower hopper, start the grits making machine, pour the corn kernels to the hopper for processing, and install the grits making technique until it is satisfied, generally.
3. The operation of grinding feed is the same as that of corn grits, but the grain does not need to be peeled. Tighten the adjusting hand wheel once.
4. Three separation total process: a clutch is set at the right end of the separator shaft, which is closed when in use and left when not in use. There are three outlets under the separator, the front one is for big grits, the middle one is for medium grits, and the back one is for corn flour. Sew two cloth bags respectively at the back two outlets and tie them at the lower end of each outlet. Under the separator, dig a cement pond 0.5m wide and 0.3m deep in the factory. The containers for each function are best used The durable plastic bucket is light and convenient. The big grits in the front mouth can also be fed into the grits machine again for grinding. For example, when grinding corn flour, wheat flour and miscellaneous flour, a set of baskets can be replaced for recycling processing. The baskets of corn are 40 mesh and the wheat flour is 80 mesh.
5. Clutch: the equipment adopts three sets of clutch devices, including peeling machine, gritting machine and three separation. There are three clutch controls respectively, which can be used at the same time or single use according to the operation conditions. It is forbidden to close the clutch when the main shaft or driven wheel is working, so as to avoid damaging the clutch plate.

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