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What does the whole set of equipment of small and medium-sized pulverizing unit include
author:Baihao Machinery     time:2020-04-06
The complete set of equipment of small and medium-sized pulverizing units generally includes cleaning equipment, screening equipment, grinding equipment, etc. The following describes the actual equipment name and main purpose of the complete set of equipment of wheat flour mill.
The whole equipment of wheat flour machine
Wheat washing and stone removing dehydrator the key of wheat washing machine is composed of wheat washing water storage tank and dehydrator. It uses hand washing method to eliminate the sand and stone infiltrating into the wheat seeds and the waste on the surface of wheat grain. It has excellent characteristics for wheat impurity removing. After hand washing, wheat is dehydrated to some extent, and then the quality of wheat flour produced and processed is improved.
A complete set of equipment for wheat flour mill
The automatic pneumatic grain cleaning machine is used to remove wheat, corn and other crops. It consists of five parts: full-automatic feeding, two screens, one dozen, one stone removal and spiral water landing output. It has the advantages of small size, light weight, small energy consumption, intelligent integration and so on. If it maintains one-time removal, it can meet the requirements of finished products.
The whole equipment of wheat flour mill
The commonly used pulverizing units of small and medium-sized pulverizing units are generally water wringing dragon, which has the effect of improving the feeding and wet wheat. They have the advantages of compact volume, simple operation, small driving force of supporting facilities and equipment, and performance index. The ratio of height to width must be increased according to the supporting facilities.
The grain cleaning machine can be matched with the wheat moistening machine; the grain cleaning machine can also be matched with the wheat washing machine. The supporting facilities of wheat flour milling unit, such as grain cleaning machine, wheat moistening machine or wheat washing machine, can maintain the production line, so that the complete set of matched equipment can be invested to build a wheat flour manufacturing plant or rural processing workshop.

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