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Introduction to other flour making methods of Wheat
author:Baihao Machinery     time:2020-04-29
In addition to the common milling methods, there are other milling methods for wheat milling, including peeling milling method, impact milling method and eight roller milling method.
Other milling methods of Wheat
1. Method of peeling and pulverizing. The method of peeling is to peel 5% - 8% of wheat skin before milling, so it is called peeling. The method can shorten one or two passes of skin grinding, reduce the width of rough skin grinding, and shorten two or three passes of core grinding. The first reason is that the strength of core grinding materials is reduced due to two or three times of moistening wheat with water; the second reason is that the number of lifting cores of middle and rear road skin grinding is reduced, but one or two passes of slag grinding system are added. In general, the pulverizing process is simplified. The main characteristics of peeling are simple milling process, easy operation and management, high unit output, white pink, high ash content of flour, high cleanliness of flour, broken bran and high power consumption
2. The pulverizing method of impact mill is adopted. The pulverizing method of impact mill is based on the middle way pulverizing method, and the impact mill is used to replace the pulverizer in the front road center grinding system or the rear road skin grinding system. When it is used in front center grinding, the powder extraction rate of impact grinding can reach more than 60%, and the output of single machine is higher, which is equivalent to two pairs of 1000mm pulverizers. Therefore, the load of front center grinding system is greatly reduced, and the number of passes of center grinding system is shortened. The main characteristics of the impact mill are the simplification of the core mill system, the reduction of the equipment of the mill and the high square screen, and the reduction of the total investment of the factory. However, the quality of flour is a little poor, especially the yield of No. 1 flour is reduced.
3. The pulverizing method of eight roller mill is adopted. On the basis of the middle way of flour production, the eight roller mill is a kind of flour production method, which changes the common grinding one sieve into part or all grinding one sieve. The main features of the eight bar mill are saving the area of screening, saving the air volume of pneumatic conveying, saving the total investment of plant construction and low power consumption per ton of powder, but the unit output of the mill is slightly lower and the quality of flour is slightly worse.

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