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Structure characteristics of rice polisher
author:Baihao Machinery     time:2020-05-09
The rice polishing machine is based on the rotation of the screw shaft to make the materials exchange with each other in the whole process of air transportation, and rub with the pure cotton cloth fixed on the screw shaft in the whole process of the material exchange movement, so as to achieve the effect of deburring, polishing and polishing of the material surface, and then make the material achieve the ideal actual effect of polishing.
Rice polisher
Structure features of rice polisher:
1. The vibration motor is selected as the world peak of this model. The required amplitude and vibration azimuth are adjusted conveniently and accurately without fear of rain. It is heat-resistant, ultra-low temperature and reliable.
2. The hoist is compact in organization, easy to be equipped, easy to maintain, fixed and movable, and better integrated into different working environment.
3. The double bucket elevator can be selected to reasonably avoid falling grain into the driving wheel, thus greatly reducing the crushing of extrusion molding.
4. All elbows shall be grooved with mechanical equipment to avoid casting defects, with good sealing performance, wear resistance and durability.
5. The effective structure of cyclone dust removal, and the modification of the tube type star discharger with strict coordination, reduce the air permeability, improve the efficiency of dust removal, and make the working environment cleaner and more environmental protection.
6. the screened rubber ball has the characteristics of elastic cotton, low temperature resistance and anti-aging. It can still screen in the winter and improve the transparency of the screen.
7. It is widely used in seed production and processing and agricultural and sideline products to solve the manufacturing industry. It has excellent practical effect on grain seeds, tree seeds, green feed seeds, fuel seeds, coarse grains and commodity grains. The import and export production and processing of agricultural and sideline products (such as red bean, soybean, black bean, sunflower seed, sunflower seed, etc.) can also be applied.

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