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Maintenance and adjustment of rice mill
author:Baihao Machinery     time:2020-05-10
1、 Adjustment of rice knife
Adjusting the rice knife is to adjust the gap between the rice knife and the barrel. If the gap is large, the working pressure of the rice mill is small, and the sliding friction force of the rice in the barrel is weak, so the rice can not be milled, but the rice yield is high.
Rice mill
2、 Adjustment of inlet and outlet knife switches
When the rice crusher's inlet switch is enlarged and the outlet switch is turned off, the grain in the milling room is increased, and its working pressure is enlarged, and the milled rice is white, but the broken rice is more; on the contrary, if the inlet switch is reduced and the outlet switch is enlarged, the rice crusher has less rice, and the working pressure is reduced, the milled rice is less smooth.
3、 Specific step adjustment countermeasures
(1) The adjustment gap between rice knife and barrel should be appropriate. Generally, the gap should not be lower than the transverse diameter of rice grains, otherwise, rice grains are very easy to be crushed; the gap should not exceed the vertical diameter of rice grains, or rice grains are not smooth. Therefore, the rice knife gap should be selected in the middle of rice grain diameter. Generally, when adjusting the clearance between rice knives, there should be a bit of diamond, that is, one end of the knife close to the exit is a little larger, so the rice rolled out is more detailed.
(2) The inlet and outlet knife switches shall cooperate with each other. Generally, the oil pipe pressure of the imported switch blade can be controlled at 1 / 2 of the total oil pipe pressure, not more than 2 / 3. In the whole process of rice milling, it is not necessary to remove the imported switch blade, so that all the imported switches can be opened to the outside world. Because after all the imported switches are opened, there is too much grain storage, the working pressure of the rice milling machine is too high, and the rotating friction resistance is large. If the export switches do not cooperate well with each other for a while, the transmission system The drive belt may cause deviation, and even the equipment may be stuck or damaged. The exit knife switch shall be flexible and easy to grasp. In actual operation, the meter knife gap and the oil pipe pressure of the import knife switch can be fixed after being adjusted according to the regulations. Generally, if the operator actually operates the exit knife with his left hand, he can connect rice grains under the exit with his right hand palm. Check whether the rice grains are detailed or not and whether the rice grains are white. If there are more broken rice, the exit knife can be enlarged; if the rice grain is not smooth, the exit knife can be adjusted. In the whole process of rice milling. Both of them should be used until the rice milling quality is regulated.

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