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Important factors affecting normal operation of stone remover
author:Baihao Machinery     time:2020-06-19
In all normal operation of the stone remover, the updraft rate through the material layer is required to be equal to the floating rate of wheat. If the cyclone speed is too high, the materials on the development trend screen surface are easy to be blown through, and the cyclones are distributed unevenly. The fully automatic classification of damaged materials reduces the separation efficiency. If the cyclone speed is too low, the wheat is weak and floats, and it is easy to climb up with the crushed stones, resulting in the wheat in the stones. In addition, the materials are divided into professional grades automatically, and the wheat varieties are easy to contain crushed stones, which also reduces the separation efficiency.
1. Inclination: the angle between the stone removing screen powder and the plane becomes the inclination. The size of the inclination angle is harmful to the production and efficiency of the stone remover, and the harm to them is contrary. When the inclination angle is large, it is strong for the decline of wheat flow. But the development trend efficiency will be reduced to a certain extent, the angle of inclination is smaller, the water flow of wheat is low, and the production capacity is small. In addition, the stone is easy to carry wheat, so that the lower column contains grain. The inclination of the stone remover is generally 5-9.
2. Throw angle: the throw angle refers to the intersection angle between the vibration direction of the screen body and the screen powder. The vibration mode of the screen body of the stone remover is reciprocating parallel line vibration. The vibration direction is skewed and vertical to the center line of the vibration motor. The vibration direction of the stone remover is different from that of the vibration screen, and it can not be changed at will. It is the basic standard that the stone can walk along the screen surface hand in hand close to the screen powder. Therefore, the selection of suitable casting angle is beneficial to the automatic classification of materials and the rise of hand in hand. However, when the throwing angle is too large, the material is easy to jump out of the screen powder, which is adverse to the rise of side by side stone. The throwing angle of the stone remover is generally 30-35.
3. Amplitude and vibration frequency: amplitude refers to the vibration force of the screen body, and the vibration frequency is a main parameter indicating the vibration speed of the screen body. When the vibration amplitude is large and the frequency is high, the body-building speed of the material on the screen surface is fast, and the full-automatic grade classification has strong effect. It is beneficial to the improvement of separation efficiency and production capacity of machinery and equipment. But the vibration amplitude is too large, the frequency is too high, the vibration of the driving face is strong, the materials are easy to cause vibration, the full-automatic classification of damaged materials. Therefore, the separation efficiency is reduced. On the contrary, the fitness movement of materials on the screen surface is slow and the material layer is thickened, which is also unfavorable to the automatic classification of materials. Not only does it harm the separation efficiency, but also the production capacity of the stone remover. The vibration amplitude of the stone remover is generally 3.5-5mm. Generally, the frequency of the stone remover driven by the vibration motor is not adjusted, and the speed ratio between the two is in direct proportion.

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