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The price, quality and technology of peanut oil press are equally important
author:Baihao Machinery     time:2020-02-17
The price of peanut oil press generally depends on the equipment, such as hydraulic pressure or screw, and the size of the model. Of course, the quality of the oil is important.
The peanut oil press uses a physical extrusion method to squeeze out edible oil from the peanuts. It provides large, medium and small sizes for different users, and also tailors the solution process. After the peanut oil is squeezed, it is refined to remove harmful substances and impurities, and is provided to Market health meets the national standard of edible oil.
The establishment of the price of peanut oil press also includes raw material factors. The peanut oil squeezed out by a good peanut oil press has a strong peanut flavor, provides nutrition to the human body, contains a variety of fatty acids, and can fry food, etc. Peanut oil is a dry oil, light yellow and transparent, with a fragrance. It is composed of 20% saturated fatty acids and 80% unsaturated fatty acids.
Preparing peanut oil by pressing requires pretreatment of peanut raw materials and then pressing with an oil press. In simple terms, pretreatment is to clean up, crush, roll, steam and fry peanuts, so that the peanuts meet the requirements of pressing.
Stones, soils, etc. in the peanut raw material will affect the normal operation of the embryo rolling machine, causing the steamer to break and affect the quality of the steamed embryo. Colleagues increase the ash content of the peanut meal, which in turn affects the utilization of the peanut meal. Therefore, these impurities must be reduced or removed from the peanut raw material. .
The crushing of peanuts into a suitable particle size meets the conditions of rolling embryos. The particle size of the crushed peanuts must be uniform, no oil, no agglomeration, and less flour. In order to crush the crushed peanut embryo into thin slices, destroy the cellular tissues of the peanut, increase the surface area of ​​the peanut oil, shorten the distance of the oil outflow, make the peanut vulnerable to the effects of moisture and heat, and help improve the effect of steaming. The purpose of steaming and frying the oil is to promote the coagulation of oil and fat, make the plasticity and elasticity of the raw material meet the requirements, improve the quality of oil and fat, remove the enzyme inside the raw material and the external microorganisms of the raw material, and improve the quality of the oil cake and provide favorable conditions for storage. The price of peanut oil presses is not static. New technology replaces traditional methods. Technology is also a part of the determining factors. When buying peanut oil presses, the price of peanut oil presses, the quality of peanut oil presses, and the configuration of peanut oil presses are equally important. 

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