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How to improve the oil yield of screw press?
author:Baihao Machinery     time:2020-04-14
The full-automatic screw oil press can press soybean, peanut kernel, white sesame, rapeseed, select three-stage equal ratio series of pressing, which is loved by many customers who suffer from the flow of pressing oil, and grasp the actual operation method of the five oil presses to produce higher oil rate.
Set the temperature of the frying machine: use the electric self temperature control barrel frying machine to control the temperature of the frying fuel easily, while steaming, frying - faster speed of the frying material, after the fuel is fried, the moisture content is high-pressure squeezed, and the oil yield is easy to use.
Control the maturity of fried seeds: press oil to pay attention to three parts of pressing gas to separate fried materials, often check the temperature and maturity of fried materials, which can keep the fuel in 8-12 water, and the oil yield is high after pressing;
Example: the time for cooking vegetable seeds is different according to different moisture content. When the fuel is fired first and then the fuel is light yellow, it must be checked for a long time to prevent the fuel from carbonization or drying;
Control the feeding rate: use the feeding baffle to control the feeding rate, and control the feeding rate in the whole process of pressing, so as to increase the working pressure and oil output rate of fuel in the pressing chamber at a certain level;
Adjust the cake thickness of the oil press: according to the adjustment of the tightness and looseness of the ball screw, control the thickness of the oil bread to improve the working pressure in the pressing chamber. At present, the oil cake of Baihao oil press is 1mm thick. According to different fuels, it must be able to manually adjust the thickness of the oil bread to improve the oil yield;
Adjust the pressing temperature of fuel: according to the temperature control panel set on the control panel of the oil press, the automatic oil press can control the pressing temperature of fuel in the pressing chamber, and the appropriate pressing temperature can reduce the viscosity of edible oil and improve the oil yield.

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