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The reason and treatment of new type oil press without feeding
author:Baihao Machinery     time:2020-04-26
The new type of oil press does not feed and the material is blocked. It is a very new customer, who can not find the reason and solution for the new type of oil press
1. The screw shaft of the new type oil press suddenly gets stuck: the load suddenly expands when the feeding is too fast; park the car immediately and pour out the cake dregs in the squeezing chamber.
2. Uneven steaming billet of the boiler: during inspection, if the steam hole of the steamer dryer is blocked or rusted, the steam hole shall be transmitted; if the embryo material is put into the boiler to paste the bottom boiler first, the distance between the scraper and the bottom boiler can be adjusted; if the scraper is distorted and damaged, the scraper shall be removed and replaced; if the embryo material is not evenly steamed, fried and cooked, the travel switch, circuit breaker and float plate shall be adjusted to make its posture harmonious.
3. Do not lift the oil on the drive belt: the oil under the belt conveyor of the bucket elevator is too much, which leads to blocking. Open the plate door under the belt conveyor to eliminate the accumulated oil.
4. One side of screen cloth oil: during inspection, if the screen powder is not horizontal, adjust the length of upper and lower screw rods to make them the same; if the screen body is twisted, adjust the rack shaft to make it vertical to the sound card rack.
5. There are many and dry shells in oil plants, with high friction resistance; the gap at the cake outlet is too small, and the cake ring is uneven. Fourth, the body temperature is low. Fifth, the hard block goes into the pressing chamber with the oil; the shell is removed and the water content of the oil is adjusted.
6. Adjust the gap at the cake outlet, and polish the cake ring to improve the human body temperature. The fifth is to take out the hard blocks and cake dregs in the squeezing chamber.

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