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How to choose the complete equipment of oil press
author:Baihao Machinery     time:2020-05-07
The whole set of equipment of oil press includes three parts: full-automatic frying pan, server and full-automatic vacuum oil filter. The whole set of equipment is oil press, each of which is an indispensable part of the whole set of oil press, accounting for 97% of the whole set of equipment, and the other 3% are start-up cabinet and protective cover. Which of the complete set of equipment of oil press is good should be identified from the following contents:
Oil press
First of all, we need to inspect several full-automatic oil press manufacturers, and inspect their overall strength, reputation and business scale. When purchasing, the customer adheres to all normal standards, and the price of the oil press with high cost performance is not easy to be cost-effective. When buying the equipment, the price cannot be cost-effective and there is no good commodity. Secondly, the customer can visit the industrial plant of the oil press manufacturer, and carry out inspection on product quality, production process, technical strength and mature production and manufacturing. When signing the purchase contract with the manufacturer, the text of the contract shall be read carefully. If any negligence is found, it shall be filled immediately to prevent redundant debt disputes after signing the contract. Customers should pay attention to the selection of the oil press. Only through the cooperation of enterprises with solid line processing plants, can the after-sales maintenance service be ensured. When customers purchase equipment, they do half the work to prevent property loss. Before presenting on-the-spot after-sales service, the enterprise will send technical professional and technical consulting staff to sign up to participate in unpacking project acceptance and specific guidance of installation and adjustment, until all the equipment is in normal operation, and show the relative professional and technical training service items.
Therefore, when purchasing the whole set of oil press equipment, we must consider carefully to prevent the product quality problems and even the lack of spare parts in the future processing process.

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