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How to prolong the life of oil press?
author:Baihao Machinery     time:2020-06-07
Everyone knows that before the application of oil press equipment, it is necessary to carry out safety inquiry on the oil press equipment to ensure that the oil press equipment can work normally, so as to prevent unnecessary inconvenience. In addition, we should also immediately remove the oil press equipment and increase the service life of the oil press equipment.
oil press
1. Before start-up, the oil tank of the oil press equipment should be cleaned first, and before actual operation, the gear oil should be filled to carry out application
2. Carefully check whether the anchor bolt in the middle of each component of the household oil press shows loose condition, and whether its route butt joint is appropriate. In case of any abnormal condition, make changes immediately to prevent unnecessary inconvenience.
3. Do well in advance preparation for preheating of oil press equipment. In general, the preheating temperature in spring and summer is all in the middle of 50-70 degrees, and that in autumn and winter is generally all in the middle of 70 - (90) degrees. If we can't control the temperature very well, it will do great harm to our actual operation in the future.
4. In the case of empty aircraft operation, in general, due to the denser gear oil in winter and spring, the time of aviation parts is generally 5-10 minutes. In other seasons, we only need to work for 1-2 minutes in the operation process of practical activities.
After working for 3-4 months, the oil press equipment must be maintained once. And timely use salt free butter or car oil to moisten all positions.

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