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How long can hopper of bucket elevator be used?
author:Baihao Machinery     time:2020-02-17
Most of the materials used in the bucket elevator are made of metal. The hardness of metal is much higher than that of plastic. Generally, under normal use, the hopper can be used for one year, and the service life may be reduced after one year, so we need to pay attention to some problems in use. For example, when using the bucket elevator, it is necessary to avoid that the hopper carries materials with large particles and high hardness.
In the past, some users came to us directly with the scrapped hopper to purchase the same type of hopper. After we saw his scrapped hopper, we found that the hopper was extremely deformed, and there was no way to recover it. Such a situation was mainly caused by improper operation at ordinary times. Hopper deformation is due to the large particle ratio of materials and the large impact force between hopper and materials when the bucket elevator is working, which leads to hopper deformation. Another reason is the phenomenon of overload operation of equipment, which also causes hopper deformation.
Of course, these are all for the metal hopper, and the materials loaded in the plastic hopper are relatively low in hardness. If there is too much wear, it is mainly due to the use time is too long, or the material loaded in the hopper is too heavy, and there is also a possibility that the bolts used to fix the hopper are loose, which will lead to loose bolts The hopper is unbalanced. If the material is added, the hopper is inclined easily, which leads to the tearing of the plastic hopper. So we should avoid such things when we use it.

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