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Centrifugal oil filter is a green product for the development of grain and oil equipment
author:Baihao Machinery     time:2020-02-17
Nowadays, green environment protection and energy conservation are advocated everywhere in our country, so does our centrifugal oil filter realize this wish? The shock absorption oil residue filter has the advantages of low energy consumption and low cost. At the same time, it can bring huge economic benefits.
First of all, the rapeseed oil filter filters the crude oil after being pressed by our rapeseed oil press by centrifugal principle, removes the fat contained in the crude oil, and reaches the second level edible oil standard stipulated by our country. It is green, environmental friendly, natural and strong flavor edible oil. It tastes pure and tastes delicious.
In terms of environmental protection, we have achieved low pollution and protected consumers in edible oil. In terms of production, it is also low consumption, time-saving and energy-saving. With the development of science and technology, the centrifugal oil filter constantly updates its products, constantly breaks through itself in maintaining the technology of separation, and walks in the front end of rape seed oil extraction machinery relying on the accumulated excellent technical strength and innovative scientific research team. In the design of centrifugal oil filter, one key start device is adopted boldly, which saves labor and expense.
In the production process, the working principle of the centrifugal rapeseed oil filter is simple and clear, the operation is simple and easy to use, and there is no risk in the work. The reliable performance is praised by the customers who have used it. In terms of technology, the centrifugal oil filter equipment produced by Baihao company insists on unremitting efforts to improve its service life and better guarantee your production efficiency.
With people's living standards and healthy diet, the quality of edible oil is the most important. According to the continuous emergence of problem oil, Baihao machinery has developed a complete set of grain and oil equipment, such as oil press, oil filter, frying pan, conveyor, sheller, in order to solve the problems concerned by the common people.
The market of the new type rapeseed centrifugal oil filter is relatively stable. Although it rises and falls slightly every year, the range is very small. Many enterprises have seriously disrupted the market of oil filter because of their inferior profits. As the original manufacturer of new type oil filter, it is responsible for customizing a standard centrifugal oil filter for the oil filter. The steel plate thickness at the bottom of the outer barrel, the thickness of the outer barrel wall, the inner barrel, the motor and the bearing of the oil filter are all produced with international standard quality. There are special dynamic and static balance machine calibration equipment for balancing, so the customized nature is reasonable. Centrifugal oil filter is an equipment for filtering edible oil and vegetable oil. The detailed analysis of wool oil must be hydrated: the hydration principle of centrifugal oil filter is to separate and treat the impurities such as fat, protein and mucus in the oil by heating with water. It is thought that the fat will expand after absorbing water, so that the volume will increase, and the protein, mucus and impurities combined with the fat will increase in relative density and precipitate out.

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