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The movable chain wheel composed of scraper conveyor structure usually adopts concave tooth type
author:Baihao Machinery     time:2020-02-17
The formation of a complete scraper conveyor structure requires the use of different components, and different structural components play different roles. So, the moving chain wheel composed of scraper conveyor structure is one of its components. What role does it play in the work?
The movable chain wheel composed of scraper conveyor structure usually adopts concave tooth type. Compared with convex tooth chain wheel, it has stronger adaptability to domestic circular chain, which can ensure that the chain will not wear after the chain is seriously worn and the circumference is not worn. Increase. Thus greatly extending the chain replacement cycle.
The corresponding chain tension adjustment adopts the worm and worm speed reduction self-locking tension mechanism, which saves labor and is easy to operate, and ensures that both sides are tensioned at the same time. At the same time, the high-strength round mining chain of scraper conveyor is used as the conveying chain, which has great bearing capacity and wear resistance. Due to the characteristics of material transfer, the return chain and scraper are separated from the material, so as to avoid the sudden increase of the feed quantity. Increased and blocked doctor blade accidents caused by engine room.
Moreover, the overload protection device is also installed in the structure of scraper conveyor. When the chain is overloaded, it will automatically stop and send an alarm signal. In order to reduce the wear of scraper and chain of scraper conveyor, basalt cast stone lining not only has a much longer life than the metal substrate, but also has a smaller friction resistance than the metal substrate.
Scraper conveyor is equipped with chain breaking alarm device, which can detect chain breaking and chain breaking in time, automatically stop the machine and send out alarm signal. In addition to the special driving mechanism, it not only has good force, saves space, but also is easy to install and maintain.
The model and specification of scraper conveyor are determined according to the larger throughput required by the process. After the selected scraper conveyor is selected, whether it is horizontal or vertical in the working process. When the material enters the closed machine slot from the feed port, under the action of scraper thrust and material gravity, the loose material forms enough internal friction.
The internal friction is enough to overcome the external friction of the machine gap and the gravity of the material in the vertical conveying process, so the material can form a relatively stable and complete whole under the action of the scraper chain. Feed forward until the material reaches the designated position.

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