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Model selection of filter cloth for vacuum filter
author:Baihao Machinery     time:2020-02-17
The model of filter cloth of vacuum filter is as follows. When you select filter cloth of vacuum filter, you can refer to our suggestions below:
The filter cloth is mainly used in filter press, belt filter, centrifuge, vacuum drum machine, flat plate filter and other large-scale filtering machines and equipment. As a filter medium, the selection of filter cloth is very important to the filtering effect, even plays a key role. The performance of filter cloth and the correct selection of filter cloth directly affect the filtering effect. At present, the commonly used filter cloth is the synthetic fiber woven filter cloth. According to the different materials, it can be divided into polyester, vinylon, polypropylene, nylon and so on. In order to achieve better retention effect and filtration speed, the selection of filter cloth also needs to be based on the particle size, density, chemical composition and filtration process conditions. Due to the different materials and methods of weaving, the strength, elongation, permeability and thickness of the filter cloth are different, thus affecting the filtering effect.
Model of filter cloth
According to the weaving method, there are single filter cloth, double filter cloth, non-woven filter cloth and industrial filter belt.
1. Single wire filter cloth: the filter cloth with smooth surface and good dehydration ensures that the filter cake is easy to peel off and is easy to regenerate; it is suitable for filter press, leaf filter and all filtering equipment with continuous work.
2. Multifilament filter cloth: it is suitable for the filtration and separation of very small particles; its wear resistance is called poor monofilament filter, mainly used in filter press, centrifuge, drum machine, etc.
3. Double layer filter cloth: This high-strength filter cloth with better drainage function is specially designed for vacuum belt filter, vacuum drum filter, centrifuge and other equipment, with good dehydration performance.
4. Non-woven filter cloth: it is suitable for very fine particle filtration and flue gas dedusting in ceramics and other industries.
5. Industrial filter belt: suitable for gypsum dehydration, sewage treatment, starch sugar filtration, pharmaceutical, brewing, food and beverage industries.

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