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Characteristics and principle of bucket elevator
author:Baihao Machinery     time:2020-04-09
Many people are still unfamiliar with the bucket elevator. They don't know what features it has and what features it has. Today, I'm going to explain the features and principles of the elevator in detail for you. I'm looking forward to assisting a large number of customers to use this machine and equipment more effectively to carry out the material lifting and transportation in the production process
Bucket elevator is a kind of continuous conveying equipment which uses a series of hoppers fixed on the prefabricated components of traction belt without any reason to lift materials longitudinally.
1. The output power of the driver is small, and the hopper labor-intensive layout of injection feeding, induced dumping and large space is selected. There is basically no material return and excavation condition when the material is lifted, so the failure output power is small.
2. It has a wide range of lifting coverage. This type of lifting machine has few regulations on the type and characteristics of materials. It can not only lift the general powder and small particle materials, but also lift the materials with high abrasiveness, good airtightness and less air pollution.
3. Good operation credibility, excellent structural design and production and processing mode ensure the credibility of the whole equipment operation, no problem for more than 20000 hours. The lifting height width ratio is high and the operation of the elevator is stable, so a high lifting height width ratio can be achieved.
4. It has a long service life. The feeding of the elevator is injection type, without bucket digging. There is very little extrusion and impact in the middle of the raw materials. In the design of the machine, it ensures that there is little scattering of materials during loading and unloading, which reduces the damage of mechanical equipment.
The transportation principle of the bucket elevator is: the hopper scoops up the materials from the storage at the bottom, with the conveyor belt or chain lifting to the top, rotating downward around the top wheel, and the bucket elevator drops the materials to the receiving tank. The belt of bucket elevator with pulley generally adopts rubber strip, which is installed on the driving drum at the bottom or the upper side and the reversing drum at the upper and lower sides. The chain driven bucket elevator is generally equipped with two parallel drive gears, with a pair of drive gears on the upper or lower side, and a pair of change direction chain wheels on the lower or upper side. The bucket elevator is generally equipped with a shell to avoid the dust flying in the bucket elevator.

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